Dr Peter O'Neill PhD, FHEA, BSc (Hons)
Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia at Sheffield Hallam University

Conceived in 2016, SelfieReg continued to be developed within its creator’s mind until 2018, at this point he contracted Appt, an international award winning digital agency, to take his concept and make it a reality.

As a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and the reality that the University wish to retain data on student attending academic sessions, SelfieReg is the perfect tool, minimising academic and administrative staffs time, with the features:

Realtime Facial Recognition that registers a person present within a room.

Automatic notifications to:

  • Student.
  • Student Administration.
  • Lecturing Staff.

While SelfieReg was originally developed for the academic environment, there are many more situations were SelfieReg could be used:

Organising a conference?

Organising a conference, want to see which sessions are the most popular? Get the Attendees to register with the App in the morning and then do a Selfie when they attend a session.

You get whom is attending and their email address, so you can invite them to your next conference and, which sessions they attended.

Have a capacity limit?

Need to ensure that a room does not exceed the permitted number of inhabitants? Get the Attendees to register with the App.

View the session on the App to see the number registered.

Need to check attendance?

Need to ensure that the person attending is the person that registered? E.g., The person must have legal checks to meet those they are visiting. Get them to register with the App and compare their registered image with those on the proof.

View their picture on their phone and then when they attend scan them again before giving them access. Afterall, you can not lend your friend your face.